2018 Winner Announced

by sophiecoeprize


L. Phil Iddison, Sophie Coe Trustee and R. Anthony Buccini, the 2018 Prize winner.

Our congratulations go to Anthony Buccini, winner of the 2018 Sophie Coe Prize with his essay “À l’américaine or à l’armoricaine? A New World Sauce in French Regional Cooking and Haute Cuisine”. On presenting him with the £1,500 Prize at the Oxford Symposium on Food & Cookery on Sunday 8th July, Trustee Phil Iddison read from the Judges’ report which celebrated Buccini’s triumphant reconstruction of the lost history behind the name and his conclusion–that À l’américaine” is to be preferred. Praising his use of cookery skills and etymology to review a conundrum declared immaterial by  Alan Davidson, the Judges admired Buccini’s evocation of “a forgotten culture and an almost undocumented cuisine”.

The Judges had three further commendations.

Chau-Jean Lin’s “Our Friends, the Buffalos”, closely-observed history of the decline and fall of the water-buffalo in Taiwan, was Highly Commended, described by the Judges as “well-written and persuasive”.

Two others were Commended. Valentina Peveri’s “Flavouring the Nation: the Rhetoric of Nutrition Policies in Ethiopia” and Divya Schäfer’s “Exotic Tastes, Familiar Flavours: Transcultural Culinary Interactions in Early Modern India” both, according to the Judges, “deserve to be widely read”.

Our congratulations go to our winner, and to those commended in this year’s Prize. You can read the full report by clicking the link on the menu above.