Winners, 1995 – 2022

The recipients of the Prize and any subsidiary awards are selected by an anonymous panel of judges. Each year the judges produce a report, which you can read by clicking on the relevant year in the list of winners below.

Marta Manzanares Mileo – Sweet Femininities: Women and the Confectionery Trade in Eighteenth-Century Barcelona. £1,500. (published in Gender & History, October 2022)
Subsidiary Awards:
Madeline Shanahan – ‘When cheifest Rebell feede’: food, fosterage and fear in early modern Ireland. Highly Commended.
Rebecca Ford – Re-localising food in the nineteenth century: watercress, place, and purity. Commended.
Diana Garvin – The Italian Coffee Triangle: From Brazilian Colonos to Ethiopian Colonialisti. Commended.
Shanti Morell-Hart – Maya Gastropolitik. Special Mention
Danielle Terrazas Williams – The Inconvenience of Chocolate: Disciplining The Society of Jesus in Seventeenth-Century Mexico. Special Mention.

Carl Ipsen – From Cloth Oil to Extra Virgin: Italian Olive Oil Before the Invention of the Mediterranean Diet. £1,500.
Subsidiary Awards:
Carla Cevasco – ‘Nothing which hunger will not devour’: Disgust and Sustenance in the Northeastern Borderlands. Highly Commended. (published in Early American Studies, Spring 2021)
Ella Sbaraini – The Pleasures of Eating in Early Modern Britain, c. 1550-1800. Highly Commended.
Anny Gaul – From Kitchen Arabic to Recipes for Good Taste: Nation, Empire and Race in Egyptian Cookbooks. Commended.
Priya Mani  – Finding Apūpa: Not forgotten, just hidden in plain sight. Honourable Mention.

Susanne Belovari – The Viennese Cuisine before Hitler–‘One Cuisine in the use of Two Nations’. £1,500.
Subsidiary Awards:
Adeline Bats – The Production of Bread in Conical Moulds at the Beginning of the Middle Kingdom. The Contribution of Experimental Archaeology. Highly Commended.
Mennat-Allah El Dorry – Forbidden, Sprouted, Stewed: An Archaeobotanical and Historical Overview of Fava Beans in Ancient Egypt. Highly Commended.
Rebecca Earle – Potatoes and the Pursuit of Happiness. Highly Commended.
Ayfer Erkul – Food refusal as a protest tool. Hunger strikes in Belgian prisons during the interwar period. Highly Commended.
Vicky Hayward – “And in the morning the cook… shall go to his kitchen”: Juan Altamiras’ New Art of Cookery, and its Defining Influence on Modern Spanish Cooking. Highly Commended.
Fanny Louvier – Maid in the Kitchen: Female Domestic Servants and Food Businesses in France, 1900-1939. Highly Commended.
Helen Pfeifer – The Gulper and the Slurper: a Lexicon of Mistakes to Avoid While Eating with Ottoman Gentlemen. Highly Commended.
Markéta Slavková – Starving Srebrenica and the Recipes for Survival in the Bosnian War (1992-1995). Highly Commended.
Simon Werrett – Physics and Fruitcakes: Food Thrift and Experiment in the Early Modern. Highly Commended.

Malcolm Thick – The Sale of Produce from Non-Commercial Gardens in Late Medieval and Early Modern England. £1,500. (in Agricultural History Review, Vol. 66, Part 1 (2018), pp. 1-17.)
Subsidiary Award:
Stephanie N. Bryan – Under the Cover of Savory Vapors–Opossums, Power and Jim Crow Politics. Highly Commended.

Anthony Buccini – A l’américaine or à l’armoricaine? A New World Sauce in French Regional Cookery and Haute Cuisine. £1,500.
Subsidiary Awards:
Chau-Jean Lin – Our Friends, the Buffalos. Highly Commended.
Valentina Peveri – Flavouring the Nation: the Rhetoric of Nutrition Policies in Ethiopia. Commended.
Divya Schäfer – Exotic Tastes, Familiar Flavours: Transcultural Culinary Interactions in Early Modern India. Commended.

Mary Anne Boermans – Life Of Pikelet. £1,500.
Subsidiary Awards:
Anthony Buccini – Un vrai jambalaya — ‘a real mess’. The Southern French Origins of Louisiana’s Famous Dish and its Surprising Connexions to ‘Hopping John’. Highly Commended.
Hongyan Yang – Cooking in the Hmong Cultural Kitchen. Honourable Mention.

Susanna Forrest – “Horsemeat is certainly delicious”: anxiety, xenophobia and rationalism at a nineteenth-century American hippophagic banquet. £1,500.
Subsidiary Awards:
Anthony Buccini – Defining cuisine: communication, culinary grammar and the typology of cuisine. Highly Commended.
Robert Dirks – African Americans and Soul Foods. Commended.
Christine Knight – Deep-frying the nation: Communicating about Scottish food and nutrition. Honourable Mention.
Valentina Peveri – The exquisite political fragrance of enset. Honourable Mention.
Pamela Cooley – Searching for Amelia: a quest for the author of the first American cookbook. Honourable Mention.

Anya Zilberstein – Inured to Empire: Wild Rice and Climate Change. £1,500.
Subsidiary Awards:
Janet Beizer – The Emperor’s Plate: Marketing Leftovers in Nineteenth-Century Paris. Highly Commended.
Madeline Shanahan – “Whipt with a twig rod”: Irish manuscript recipe books as sources for the study of culinary material culture, ca. 1600 to1830. Highly Commended.
Anthony Buccini – The Merchants of Genoa and the Diffusion of Southern Italian Pasta Culture in Europe. Commended.
Ken Albala – La Cuisinière Canadienne: The Cookbook as Communication. Honourable Mention.
Máirtin Mac Con Iomaire – Gastro-Topography: Exploring Food-Related Placenames in Ireland. Honourable Mention.

Garritt Van Dyk – Méthode Anglaise: Transnational Exchange and the Origins of Champagne. £1,500.
Subsidiary awards:
Anya von Bremzen – The Last Days of the Czars. Highly Commended.
Charmaine O’Brien – Text for Dinner: Plain food in colonial Australia …or was it? Commended.
Peter Beck- Tasting a Neighborhood: a Food History of Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Commended.

Barak Kushner – Slurping Towards Modernity: The Birth of an Iconic Japanese National Dish. £1,500.
Subsidiary awards:
Paul Brewin – The Dutch Way; Dutch Recipes in English Cookery Books of the 17th and 18th Centuries. Highly Commended.
David Beriss – Red Beans and Rebuilding: an Iconic Dish, Memory and Culture In New Orleans. Commended.

Di Murrell – Food on the Move. £1,500.
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Subsidiary awards:


Eileen White – On Watty’s birthday, a gentry family celebrates in 1763. £1,500.
Subsidiary awards:


Zona Spray Starks – Drying and Fermenting in the Arctic: Dictating Women’s Roles in Alaska’s Inupiat Culture. £1,500.
Subsidiary awards:
Ken Albala – Cooking as Research Methodology: Experiments in Renaissance Cuisine. Special commendation.
Heather Paxson – Cheese Cultures: Transforming American Tastes and Traditions. Special commendation.

Kaori O’ Connor – The Hawaiian Luau: food as tradition, transgression, transformation and travel. £1,500. (published in Food, Culture & Society, Vol. 11, 2008)
Subsidiary awards:
Ruth Carroll – Vague Language in the Medieval Recipes of the Forme of Cury. £400.

Aylin Oney Tan – The Poppy: Potent yet Frail. £1,500.
Subsidiary awards:
Kyri Watson Claflin – Les Halles & the Moral Market: Frigophobia Strikes in the Belly of Paris. £300.
Modhumita Roy: Some like Hot: Class, Gender, Empire in the Making of Mulligatawny Soup. £200.

Anne Mendelson – The Lenapes: In Search of Pre-European Foodways in the Greater New York Region. £1,500.
Subsidiary awards:
Maren Möhring – Transnational food migration and the internationalisation of food consumption. Ethnic Cuisine in West Germany. £150.
Alicia Ríos – Cooking and Eating London: An Ali&Cia urbanography ceremony commissioned by Lift. £150.
William Rubel – Eggs in Moon Shine with Cream: A Selection of Egg Recipes 1500-1800. £150.

Ursula Heinzelmann – Teltow Turnips: Humble roots with a long history: a unique example of the link between place of origin and authenticity of flavour. £1,500.
Subsidiary awards:
Allison Clark – Russian Roulette or a Way of Life: the ‘60-day Rule’ for Raw Milk Cheese. £300.
Fuchsia Dunlop – The Strange Tale of General Tso’s Chicken. £200.
Carolin Young – Salvador Dali’s Giant Egg. £150.
Kristin A. Morrissey – How the Cactus Lost its Fruit: Representations of Saguaro Fruit as Cultural Constructions (1540-1920). £100.
Zona Spray Sparks – Creating with Arctic Eggs. £50.

Anthony F. Buccini – Western Mediterranean Vegetable Stews and the Integration of Culinary Exotica. £1,500.
Subsidiary awards:
Bronwen E. Bromberger – Twenty-first Century Artisans: three British farmstead cheese-makers on the concept of “Tradition”. £200.
Christine Knight – Nostalgia and authenticity in low-carbohydrate dieting. £200.
Alison Locker – Omega 3: Rent , Lent and Charity. £200.
Jules Rabin – Crammed with Distressful Bread. £200.

Ursula Heinzelmann – Spreewaldgurken: Pickled Cucumbers from the Spreewald. £1,250.
Subsidiary awards:
Jane Levi – A Surreptious Snack: The evolution of Elevenses. £500. (in PPC No. 77 (2004), pp. 87-99),

Dr. Susan Weingarten – The great Tracta debate: evidence from the Talmud. £1,000.
Subsidiary awards:
Jeremy MacClancy – Feeding Nationalism: a Basque example. £400.
Lynn Martin – Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in Europe, 1399-1700: a review of data on alcohol consumption and a hypothesis. £300.

Barry A. Groves – William Banting: the father of the low-carbohydrate diet. £1,000.
Subsidiary awards:
Helen Day – Waste Not, Want Not: the excesses of gluttony in the early to mid- Victorian period. £300.
Valerie Mars and Gerald Mars – Fat in the Victorian Kitchen: a medium for cooking, control, deviance and crime. £300.

William & Yvonne Lockwood – Continuity and Adaptation in Arab American Foodways. £1,000.
Subsidiary awards:
June di Schino – The Pope, the Queen, and the Mystery Banquets. £450.

Warren Belasco – Future Notes: The Meal In a Pill. £1,000.
Subsidiary awards:
Richard R. Wilk – The Origins of “Belizean Food”. £300.
Laura Mason – William Jarrin: The Italian Confectioner 1784-1848. £200.
Zona Spray – Memories of a Vanishing Eskimo Cuisine. £200.
Gaitri Pagrach Chandra – Damra Bound: Indian Echos in Guyanese Foodways. £100.
Andrew Dalby – Dining with the Caesars. Books to the value of £75.
Malcolm Thick – William Ellis, the Country Housewife’s Family Companion, 1750. Books to the value of £75.

Gillian Riley – Gastronomy in the Still-life Paintings of Meléndez. £1,000.
Subsidiary awards:
Daniel Block – Purity, Economy, and Social Welfare in the Progressive Era Pure Milk Movement. £250.
Gilly Lehmann – Politics in the Kitchen. £250.
Chitrita Banerji – The Kindest Cut: How the Bengali discovered Chhana and its Delightful Offspring. £150.
Jules Rabin – Soup for Bread: Altering and Shrinking the Sparse Repasts of the Poor. £150.
Claudia Alarcon – Tamales in Mesoamerica: Food for Gods and Mortals. Books to the value of £100.
Alyson M. Ryley – The Prime of Miss Frank Buttolph: Notes toward a Menu History of New York City. Books to the Value of £100.
Regina Sexton – Porridges, Gruels and Breads: The Cereal Foodstuffs of Early Medieval Ireland. Books to the value of £100.
Professor Constance Hieatt and Brenda Hosington – From Espinnee to Sambocade: Flowers in Recipes of Medieval England. Special Commendation, with a book.

Rachel Laudan – A Kind of Chemistry. £1,000.
Subsidiary awards:
Paula Marcoux – The Thickening Plot. £300.
Chitrita Banerji – Sweet Offerings. £200.
Eve Jochnowitz – Feasting on the Future. £100.
Andrew Smith – From Garum to Ketchup. £100.
The late Roy Shipperbottom – Elizabeth Raffald. Honourable Mention.


Peter Brears – Transparent Pleasures: the story of the jelly. £1,000.  (in: Part One – PPC (Petits Propos Culinaires), No. 53 (London: Prospect Books Ltd., 1996), pp8-19; Part Two -PPC (Petits Propos Culinaires) No. 54 (London: Prospect Books Ltd., 1996), pp25-37.)
Subsidiary awards:
Ivan Day – Further Musings on the Syllabub. £250.  (in: PPC (Petits Propos Culinaires) No. 53 (London: Prospect Books Ltd., 1996), pp33-44.)
Darra Goldstein – Is Hay only for Horses? Books to the value of £150.  (in: Food in Russian History and Culture, ed. Musya Glants and Joyce Toomre (Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University Press, 1997), pp 103-123.)
Delwyn Samuel – Approaches to the Archaeology of Food. Books to the value of £150.  (in: PPC (Petits Propos Culinaires) No. 54 (London: Prospect Books Ltd., 1996), pp 12-21.)

Andrew Dalby – Alexander’s Culinary Legacy. £1,000.  (in Cooks and Other People: The Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food & Cookery, 1995, ed. Harlan Walker (Totnes, Devon: Prospect Books, 1996), pp 81-93)
Subsidiary awards:
Barbara Santich – The Rise and Demise of the Kangaroo Steamer. £250.  (in: Santich, Barbara. Looking for Flavour (Kent Town, South Australia: Wakefield Press, 1996), pp 155-164.)
Sharon Hudgins – Raw Liver and More: feasting with the Buriats of Southern Siberia. Books to the value of £125.  (in: Food on the Move: The Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food & Cookery, 1996. ed. Harlan Walker (Totnes, Devon: Prospect Books, 1997), pp 136-156.)

1995 (The first year the Prize was awarded)
Joint Prize Winners:
Ove Fosså – A Whale of a Dish: whalemeat as food. £500.  (in: Disappearing Foods: The Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food & Cookery, 1994. ed. Harlan Walker (Totnes: Prospect Books, 1996), pp 78-102.)
Regina Sexton – I’d Ate it like Chocolate: the disappearing offal food traditions of Cork City. £500.  (in: Disappearing Foods: The Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food & Cookery, 1994, ed. Harlan Walker (Totnes, Devon: Prospect Books, 1996), pp 172-188.)